7 Benefits

Golf is generally regarded as a game of leisure. However, those who understand the game well will tell you that the perks of playing golf go beyond leisure, which is actually true. For instance, it helps you to stay physically fit. It is also good for those who are looking to lose weight or reduce stress. As a golf player, you probably meet people from all walks of life and you could meet a potential client on the golf course, who knows? Let’s look at the benefits of the sport in detail.

Stress Relief

Stress is unpleasant; no one wants to have it. Do you need to visit a doctor if you have stress? Absolutely not. Stepping on the greens is all you may need, to manage or alleviate your stress. As a golfer, you may want to choose a club that allows you to consistently access your favourite holes, as well as other perks that will make you happy. Although it is not as intensive as other games like football and rugby, golf involves using some energy. In other words, you must be active in some way when playing golf. Stepping on the golf course alone takes you away from your normal stressful environment to another world, full of fun. What a great way to relieve your stress!

Lung and Heart Health

Spending some time at the golf course gives your lungs and heart a proper workout. Walking only once or twice a week, for 18 holes, will definitely keep your heart pumping. Remember, you will be involving your body in a low-intensity sub-aerobic workout, which is something you can never achieve from the comfort of your sofa.

Improved Vision

Golfing involves striking the little while ball and keeping your eye on it, while it is in the air, to see where it will land. To zoom in on that small ball, you need good vision. So, playing golf gives you the bests opportunity to assess your vision, which improves your ability to see.


Nothing feels better than a good rage and toss, when it comes to golfing. Your chances of raging on the golf course improve with playing more golf. Sure, players react to situations differently, but golf usually gives you a good laugh. Additionally, the game itself is fun, because you will interact with your friends and other people on the course, just as you would, in other fun games.

Monetary Benefits

There are many professional golfers out there, who take home a decent income by playing golf. Just like football, basketball, tennis, and rugby, golf is a lucrative game. Ask the likes of Tiger Woods and they will tell you the same thing. So, if you have the zeal, it may not be too late to join the golf millionaires.

Opportunities Beyond Golf

Playing golf gives you the opportunity to socialise with different kinds of people. You will be paired up with someone who could become your significant other, or your business partner in the future. As a golf player, it is always good to be friendly with the people you’re paired up with. Seek to know who they are and what they do, besides golfing.

Reduced Calories

By walking and carrying your bag around the golf course, you can burn tons of calories in your body, without much strain. This is good, especially for elderly people, who cannot participate in intense physical exercise.