US Loses Ryder Cup to Europe

In the “golf kingdom,” there is a name that every golf enthusiast admires, and that is Tiger Woods. For many years, this guy has been synonymous with golf. He has triumphed over his opponents, on various occasions, from one tournament to another and from golf course to golf course. In fact, those who bet on golf at gambling sites like Unibet a would quickly place their bets on Woods, without thinking twice, back then, When Tiger was really a tiger. However, as they say, kings rise and fall. We’re not suggesting that Woods has completely fallen, but his recent performance at the 2018 Ryder Cup was below par- he was not the Woods that the golfing community is used to, certainly not.

Arguably one of the finest golfers to ever grace the greens, this man seemed to carry the hopes of the world’s Super Power. And he has everything that any golfer would desire to have. Experience, skill, and titles- he has them all. Having acted as the vice captain of his team in 2016 at Hazeltine National Golf Club, where they won the contest, Tiger’s team entered the 2018 Ryder Cup tournament with confidence, hoping to replicate their 2016 form. However, the 42-year old Tiger failed to win a single match, extending his tournament losing streak to eight in a row, stretching as far back as 2010. At the time of writing this piece of news (October 2018), Tiger’s overall Ryder Cup record stands at 13 and 21 wins and defeats respectively.

In April 2017, Woods underwent a spinal fusion surgery, a medical procedure that put his golf career under a serious threat. In fact, many people thought that he would never hold the club again. However, this cannot be an excuse, since he returned to action in November, the same year, meaning that he had ample time, to prepare for the tournament. Having headed to the French capital in high spirits, after magnificently announcing his dramatic return from injury, by winning a title at the Tour Championships, the golf legend was clearly disappointed with the cup results. In his own words, after losing the Ryder Cup to Europe, Woods admitted to contributing to his team’s loss.

Tiger Woods lost tremendously (all four matches) to Rookie Jon Rahm, and Francesco Molinari made history, by securing the Europe’s winning point, which saw them win the Ryder Cup tournament, which was held at Le Golf National, in Paris, France. Francesco became the first European golfer to compile a 5-0 record in this contest. Larry Nelson, an American golfer, is the only player who had reached this achievement, back in 1979.

After defeating Tiger Woods, Rookie said that it was the best feeling of his life. What a great achievement!

A Take Away

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest, if not the greatest golfer; there is no doubt about that, and his record speaks for itself. However, saying that the man who was once unbeatable is now past his peak, is a fair statement, especially if his recent performance in the 2018 Ryder Cup, is anything to go by. Gone are the days when you would bet your life on Tiger Woods. You may not want to risk your bet on a golfer who is in the twilight of his career.