Preparing for a Golf Tournament

While no one can claim to have a magical secret that guarantees winning golf tournaments, there are things that can give you an edge over your competitors and boost your chances of success at any golf competition. Here are a few of them:

Arrive in Time

As a golfer, being rushed into the game is the last thing that you want to experience. To avoid this, it is advisable to show up at the tournament venue early enough, possibly 45 to 75 minutes beforehand. Early arrival will ensure that you have ample time to warm up and get ready for the challenge ahead. Do you think you will maintain your composure and calmness when you arrive only 15 minutes into your first tee? Most probably, the answer is no. However, avoid showing up too early, as this may prove counter-productive. If you arrive at the golf course too early and you have nothing to do, then you may become anxious, and lose the ability to hold your nerves, once you’re a few minutes into your first tee. Preparing for a golf tournament is a simple process; you don’t need two hours of preparation.

Study the Golf Course Beforehand

Even if you’re an experienced golfer, chances are that you may not be familiar with all the golf courses that exist under the sun. As a matter of fact, golf tournaments move from one golf course, country, or region to another. Generally, practice rounds are perhaps the best way to study a course in advance. Be sure to use Google Earth to study the course, before attempting to step on the greens. During your study, you will want to familiarise yourself with things like off-the-tee key yardages. This helps to decide on the clubs you will use in advance. You can also physically survey the course, to identify any major troubles; it is allowed. Having a strategy, a head of time is very critical.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Golf tournament is a completely different animal; it is not like your regular weekend, when you are just dillydallying around with your friends. Wait until you have pressure on every shot and you will realise what the tournament means. That’s when things you never expected may happen. Tee shots may turn out to be more mad than usual, and you could easily miss obvious short putts given to you. Additionally, your reactions to bad shots are likely to be met with episodes of anxiety, and your mind could be racing suddenly. Yes, these things do happen, but are they necessary?

Now, if the round will go as you had planned is the biggest mistake you can ever do in a golf tournament. You need to understand that big numbers can pop up any time, so that you can prepare on how to hold your anxiety. Golf tournaments should not be taken to mean life and death. After all, no golfer can win every tournament, however good they are. As a rule of thumb, look for two things, in a golf tournament: triumph and fun. If you don’t win, at least you will have fun. Be contented with what you get and aim to improve. Every tournament is a learning process; the more tournaments you play, the more you gain experience. This may eventually lead to a win. So, be patient.