How to Dress for Golf

Whether you play golf or you are just a fan, you may be aware that the dress attire for the game is quite different from other sports and outdoor events. The attire plays a significant role in golf etiquette. And this is one reason why most golf courses ask their members to dress in a certain way. So what is the traditional or universal attire for golf?

Collared Shirt

Ultimately, most golf courses will ask you to wear a shirt with a collar or a polo shirt. Some private courses warn against wearing tube tops, T-shirts, and sleeveless shirts. Tuck in your shirt to look decent and professional. Consider wearing long-sleeved shirts or turtleneck-collared shirts when it is colder.

Cotton Pants

Pair your polo shirt with long cotton or polyester pants. Pants made from these fabrics are elastic and are perfect for hot weather. Golf specific dress shorts and skirts are also accepted in most courses. Don’t be surprised to be denied entry onto a course for wearing jeans or mini-skirts.

Shoes with Soft and Short Cleats

Short, soft spikes protect the green when walking around the course. Be sure to wear shoes with soft cleats to help you stabilise on the course and improve your game. Regular sneakers are also allowed on contemporary golf courses.

Other Golf Attire

Wear a baseball cap facing forward to protect your eyes and skin against the scorching sun. Avoid beanies and cowboy caps. You may want to find golf-specific socks which match the rest of your outfit.

Consider calling the golf club to ask about their preferred choice of dress (and their general rules) before visiting the course. You may also ask friends who have been to the course on what should be worn. With many clubs owning websites and social media, consider visiting their online platforms to find out about the expected dress code.