Common Mistakes Beginning Golfers Make

Learning how to play golf is not easy, that’s why it may not be easy to avoid making mistakes. Even if you’re a master of the game, try to recall when you first sank the putt from 40 feet. Or remember that moment you hit an amazing long straight drive. Those incidences of adrenaline rush are what gives golf its uniqueness. As a beginner, you will need to improve on lots of things, while not getting intimidated with the hard techniques and the complex jargon of the game. Remember, you must accept your mistakes first and try to avoid them, as much as possible. Golf beginner mistakes may include the following:

Failure to Practice Enough

Sure, the golf course is completely different from the driving range, and as a beginner, you may be asking yourself why the driving range is necessary if you already have enough of the former? Here is the truth: improving your golf game involves investing in both time and bankroll. As a beginner, you need to practice a lot, and the amount of money you spend on the golf course could be enough to pay for 10 or so driving range sessions. This simply means that the driving range is a cheaper option. Additionally, the driving range allows you to hit a lot of balls faster than the golf course. Ask experienced golfers and they will tell you that you need 10,000 or so shots, to be a better golfer, and with the driving range, you will certainly hit this milestone faster.

Improper Club Choice

As a golfer, it is advisable to use clubs that fit the various aspects of your game, including your accuracy, skill level, and speed. Don’t just think that owning the most expensive club set will definitely make you a better player. Are you experiencing troubles with your swing? If the answer is yes, then you may need to first check the suitability of your clubs. If they are not fit for you, upgrade them.

Generally, golf clubs have two aspects: forgiveness and control. A forgiving club usually comes at the expense of control, and the opposite is true. As a newbie, you will want to have forgiving clubs. In addition to improving, you will want to have those occasional greatness moments; hence, club forgiveness is very important.

Using the wrong shaft is just another common mistake, that beginners make with clubs. Even though many golfers tend to overlook the shaft, you can significantly improve your wing by using the right shaft.

Adopting the Wrong Learning Approach

Learning things by yourself is fun and comes with its own merits. Sure, you can access a lot of information from online sources, including Google and YouTube, but having a golf professional by your side is always great. Golf is a very diverse game, and hopping from one video to another, or from one tip to another, may cause a lot of confusion, leading to delayed progress. If you have budget issues, a knowledgeable family member or friend can be of help, since hiring a professional trainer can be expensive. If you must use online sources (which is actually a cheaper option), be sure to stick to one learning plan.

In golf, it is also advisable to get a trainer early enough, so that you build good habits right from the onset. Don’t wait to fix your bad habits in the future- old habits die hard!